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Who we are

Buyela is a 3 member vocal and high energy dance group, sharing a passion to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the creative arts as a platform.

In addition to their creative arts expression, they also do motivating talks and leadership facilitation camps for schools, churches, etc. 
Their repertoire consists of modern, high energy dances, modern and traditional African songs and contemporary worship (they dance and sing to tracks).
They represent 3 different African tribes and their lives are testimony to the fact that difference need not divide.
Their personal stories are powerful testimony to the fact that as Christians we are called to be catalysts for change

Romans 12:2
‘Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your minds.’
As you watch them minister, you may experience many emotions: their testimonies may move you to tears, but as they dance, you will surely experience the freedom, victory and tangible joy they have in Christ.



Ten years ago I could not have imagined that I would stand where I am today and say the things that I do 10 years. You see, 10 years ago I was a still ganster that made a living out of armed robbery and house breaking.

My life as a kid was not easy. My dad died when I was one year old and most of my childhood memories are of poverty and survival struggle. When I was introduced to a lifestyle of armed robbery at the age of, it made perfect sense to me. I was struggling to have one decent meal a day and a gun in my hand would give me way more than just a meal.

One Sunday morning, stillhigh on drugs, I stumbled into a small ghetto church. How I got there I still do not know, but I heard a message of salvation, a message of forgiveness, a message that suggested that I could be born again made new. Today I am testimony to the fact thatcoming to Christ was a truly bornagain experience. The old, hardened, cruel criminal called Sonewy died in that small ghetto church that morning and the new Snowey was born.



I was raised by a single mom, living in poverty. I have never known my dad as a father although I have made contact with him. This broken relationship with my father marked me. I could never see my live as being valuableor of any importance. Most of m childhood memories are of a littlr boy who just wished his daddy could see himdo something good and hear him say 'well done my son'. But this never happend.

But my mother is a believer, a woman of prayer and she has prayed for her kids since we were very small.

At the age of 17, while attending a church service, I committed my life to Jesus Christ. That moment was life changing for me. For the first time I experienced the unconditional love of a loving father. I felt loved, cared for and respected like never before.



I grew up in a tiny town in South Africa where racism still marks every aspect of your daily life. Whether you go to school, to church or just the grocery store, white people and black people just not connect.

My high school journey started just after our first democratic election. My perents decided to send me to a 'better' school, which simply meant, a white school. The concept of Integration was brand new, maybe something like the 60's in America. We were a small handful of black kids in a majority white school and we soon realized that we would have to work hard to be accepted, not just by the students, but also by the teachers.

When Snowey and I got married in 2012, our wedding was a celebration of unity beyond the colour divide. Our bridal Party on Snowey and my side was truly cross cultural, white People, black People and the best of all, they respreseted our close Friends.

I have often been asked how come I don't have anger or bitterness toward White People for the ways I have been treated growing up in a small town.

But I am free, free to love beyond racial divides, free to forgive those who trespass against us, free to model a better way, where all People can be treated with didnity and respect. Jesus has modelled a better way and I count it a privilege to follow His example.

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